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Welcome to Caisse Desjardins de Gatineau. We have over 78 years of expertise.

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Car insurance

Desjardins Car Insurance

When you choose car insurance from Desjardins Insurance you get:

  • One of the best basic protection plans available
  • Made-to-measure protection that lets you add optional coverage based on your needs and budget
  • Personalized customer service
  • Made-to-measure savings that let you save money

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Desjardins Insurance – There when it counts with advantages and competitive prices

When you choose auto insurance from Desjardins Insurance you get:

Your situationYour savings
You are a Desjardins caisse member aged 25 and under
You signed up for AjustoUp to 25%
You are under 25Up to 20%
You drive a fuel-efficient vehicle10%
You drive a hybrid vehicle15%
You drive an electric vehicle20%
You have had no traffic violations10%
You insure more than one vehicle
You insure your car and your home
You install a certified antitheft or tracking system40%
You insure your recreational vehicle and your car10% off the RV insurance

Drive safe and save with the new Ajusto® mobile app

Thanks to Ajusto, the first 100% mobile telematics insurance program in Canada, you can use your smartphone to learn more about your driving habits!

Get the Ajusto app! It lets you discover your driving habits and improve them, and you can save up to 25% more on your car insurance premium at renewal. You can also invite your friends to try the app and challenge them to find out who the best driver is!

Free, no obligation trial

Why choose Desjardins Insurance for your car insurance

No wonder 95%[ 1 ] of our customers renew their insurance with us year after year!

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