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Desjardins Auto and Vehicle Loan

Desjardins vehicle loan

Desjardins Auto and Leisure Vehicle Loan

Flexible and accessible financing through dealers.

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You’ve chosen the car you want and now you need financing? The Desjardins Auto and Leisure Vehicle Loan is available through more than 3,000 dealers in Canada.

  • Available on-the-spot when you buy your vehicle
  • Approval in just a few minutes
  • Interest rate is lower than rate on unguaranteed personal loans since a Desjardins Auto Loan is guaranteed by your vehicle
  • Exclusive discount on your vehicle insurance[ 1 ]
    • $50 applicable on your auto or motorhome insurance

1. Available only in Quebec. This discount applies to the payment of the insurance premium of the vehicle financed by Desjardins, only for the first year of the policy. This promotion is available upon purchase of the vehicle and during the subsequent period for a maximum of 1 year.

  • Lets you finance a vehicle of more than $12,500
  • Finance up to 100% of the cost of your purchase
  • Eligible for potential member dividends.
    Learn more about member dividends.
  • Line of credit with a mortgage guarantee
  • For owner-occupants of buildings of 4 units or less
  • Minimum $25,000
  • Variable interest rate based on prime rate
  • Daily, weekly or monthly payments
  • Available to Desjardins mortgage holders who have this option included on their deed of loan
  • Lets you re-borrow money already paid on your mortgage
  • Ideal if you manage your credit well and can withstand moderate interest rate fluctuations
  • Minimum $5,000
  • Variable interest rate, based on the amount borrowed
  • Daily, weekly or monthly payments
  • Perfect if you need quick access to money to finance the purchase of a car, motorcycle, snowmobile, trailer or motor home
  • Loan made in the form of cash advance
  • Money deposited in just a few minutes[ 1 ] into your caisse account[ 2 ]
  • Spend the amount however you want

1. During Desjardins Card Services credit department business hours.
2. You must be a Desjardins caisse member.

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